Hi, I'm Bianchi, a research scientist and an artist. I am currently a Research Assistant at the Meta-Design Lab, Spatial Networks Lab, and the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre, all located at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Broadly speaking, I am interested in urban data science – the possibilities and limitations of using technology and data to help people better understand the workings of cities, and how this can improve processes in urban planning and design. I also love drawing people and urban environments.

Currently working on

  • studying the impact of data visualization on design-centric decision making
  • developing a Javascript-based implementation of the Grammar of Graphics


Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering, 2016
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


  • Joyce, S.C., Dy, B., Guo, G., Ibrahim, N., and Poorthuis, A. (2019). Seeing Numbers: Considering the Effect of Presentation of Engineering Data in Design. IASS Annual Symposium 2019 – Structural Membranes 2019 Form and Force: Barcelona, Spain
  • Dy, B. and Stouffs, R. (2018). Combining Geometries and Descriptions - A shape grammar plug-in for Grasshopper. Computing for a better tomorrow - Proceedings of the 36th eCAADe Conference - Volume 2, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland, 19-21 September 2018, pp. 499-508


Teaching Assistant, 02.526 Interactive Data Visualization, Term 2 2019 & 2020
MSc Urban Science, Policy and Planning



Website building blocks, Sapper, Tailwind CSS, and good ol' JavaScript, HTML and CSS (plus lots of tea ☕️ and paper 📝)